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Pumpkin Carving Tips and Tricks

There is a real art to carving a pumpkin, adult or child we all love a carved pumpkin at halloween.It all starts with the right pumpkin, its a bit like finding baby bears porridge!  You need to find the one that is just right, and for most people you will know it when you find [...]

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5 Favourite Fairy Party Products

5 Favourite Fairy Party Products Fairy's are still a favourite party theme, we keep reinventing the theme with some really pretty designs for party table decoration, usually in the prettiest pinks and lilacs, occasionally the deepest purple and not forgetting of course; Tinkerbell green.   In fact one of my all time favourite character party bags were [...]

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10 reasons why it is good to be home

A fun top ten list.So I have just arrived home from our annual holiday away.  Tenerife this year and I have to say we had the most fabulous time, this years holiday has surpassed all expectations that we had before we left.  It started in just the right way, arriving at the airport just as [...]

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Cocktail Favours

Party Cocktail Favours This special order is leaving our doors today and we have lots of fun making them so I thought I would share we are calling these Pink Ladies and Mojito's, his and hers cocktail favours. These are for a 10 year old's disco party and should look spectacular all laid out together, they have been filled [...]

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Back to School

Are you ready for your children to go back to school?It is that time of year again, have you checked everything off your list?  School Hair Cut ..... check! New Uniform ..... check! School Shoes ..... check! School Bag ..... check! P. E. Kit .... check! Plimsoles .... check! Bag for P. E. Kit .... check! School Bag ..... check! Swimming Costume..... check! Swimming [...]

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Summer Holiday Birthday

Does you little one have a birthday during the summer holidays?Your not alone!  I do, so coping with a holiday birthday is a subject close to me heart, in my day a birthday party wasn't  every year and something to be treasured, now a days it seems to be almost expected as an annual occurrence [...]

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Popular Pocket Money Toys This Week

Its been another really busy time this week with lots of very different items leaving our shelves. Predictably with the arrival of the sun and summer just around the corner, we have seen a massive rise in the number of water bombs leaving us!        They are flying out of the door both as an item [...]

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This Week the Girls Have It!

This Week the Girls Have It! The girls have definitely won out this week, we have been flat out in the workshop again, we have been doing a lot for the boys recently, mostly paracord bracelets and survival themed products for army themed parties which does seem to be a very popular boys party theme at [...]

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Pirate Parties

We have been thinking a lot about pirate parties. There are certain party themes that just never seem to get old and a good pirate party theme is one of them! Pirates as a theme has taken a few different guises recently a good one being a Peter Pan theme, where you have pirates for [...]

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Personalised Party Stickers

People seem to adore personalised products although they are hard to do on a mass scale and for this reason it is so often that it is the smaller retailer or home producer that tend to make these items.  At Party Bag Kids we are having a go at personalising some party bag seals just for [...]

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