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October Party Bag Deal


partybagkids.jpg       party season is here again!  Check out Octobers Party Bag of the week  

Every month we will announce the latest party bag of choice and a generous discount to every order placed within that week or month!


Our october offering is a girls fairy favourite called silver mist.

This party bag contains some enchanting girls themed party bags items.  In a silver coloured paper party bag for a more ethereal feel.

Also feel free to add sweets to the party bag and get 20% off the sweets as well making this weeks offer the best ever.



siver-mist.jpg    At £2.10 for 4 very popular girls party bag toys and a silver paper party bag, our silver mist party bag contains four great items and a paper party bag

Paper party bags seem to be this years party bag of choice with many parent enjoying the great quality that you get as well it being the more environmentally friendly option!  There is a great choice of colours available to suit any and all themes, so its easy to see why they're so popular!

     So what do you get?

     Well to start everything is supplied in a silver paper party bag and gossamer wing silver is a definate fairy colour!

 Inside your party bag you also get a great fruity themed lip-gloss key-ring which comes in an assortment of three fruity themes, apple, strawberry and cherry.  Girls adore these little charms and they are a good quality item which appeals to parents and make adorable keep sakes lasting long after the party is over.

you also get a fairy notebook: Another top seeling party bag novelty for girls.

A swap point crayon pen, because the girls need something to to write in their notebook with!


A sweetly discreet and pretty girly fairy themed tattoo.


Just add some cake and party sweets, the sweets for the first time ever now form part of this fantastic offer add the sweets to the party bag when ordering and get 20% off the sweets as well!

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